4WD Interiors focuses on providing reliable accessories to meet the needs of 4X4 Off Road, Travel or Work, and have maintained these high standards for 40 years.

In 1978 , whilst working in the outback Pilbara and Kimberley regions of Australia, founder of 4WD Interiors, Gary Plant, realised that he didn’t have easy access to his gear in his 40 series SWB landcruiser, and there wasn’t anything suitable on the market. So he decided to design a solution himself. The first item he designed for his landcruiser was a dash shelf for ”the odd can of beverage” and other small items. Next came a Top Shelf for the CB radio, books and maps.

And then an overhead rear rack made of light gauge wire mesh for sleeping gear, towels, jackets etc. When Gary’s mates saw what he had designed for his Landcruiser, they started asking "could he make the same for them". So Gary quit working the Northwest, moved to Perth, registered a business, and produced his Dash and Top Shelves using a glue pot and brush from the annex of his caravan, and selling his products by word of mouth.

And 4WD INTERIORS was born

After a few years, the company had gained quite a reputation in the industry. Gary decided to move to Melbourne and continued growing the business, working out of the family’s back yard shed. He also started selling his products direct to customers by mail order, throughout Australia. On the move again, Gary left Melbourne and moved to Cairns, where he set up a workshop in a small factory unit. Once settled, the business quickly grew to requiring multiple factories. The range of accessories expanded to include Door Pockets, Floor Consoles, Roof Consoles, and Wheel Arch Storage Boxes with False Floors in the back.

1988 was a special year as Gary developed and produced the first ever Roller Drawer System in Australia. This premium quality drawer system took the 4WD industry by storm and is still one of our company's largest selling items.

In 1995, 4WD Interiors relocated to it’s new purpose built 1800sqm factory in Portsmith, Cairns. This office still provides an important element today, concentrating on our R & D, installation, warranty, tech and spare parts.

In 2022, we opened our own state of the art facility in Melbourne, to handle the majority of our distribution and quality control. Quality control is a very important aspect of our business, and we pride ourselves on our premium product and service.